What Companies Look For In A Candidate – According To Two Capital Group Recruiters

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Figuring out the best strategy to land a job can be stressful. To help ease your mind and prepare you for success on the job hunt, we spoke with two senior recruiters at Capital Group to find out what they’re really looking for in potential employees. 

A solid candidate has done their homework.

Researching is fundamental in a job search. Before the interview, it’s important to learn about the company and know why you would be a good fit for the role you’re interviewing for. 

Eve Santillan, senior recruiter at Capital Group, explained that her first two questions for candidates are always, ‘What is it about this opportunity that interested you?’, and ‘What do you know about Capital Group?’ Your answers to these questions can make or break your interview. 

“We’re in an information age where finding information about a company and doing research is so easy,” Santillan said. “If someone can’t give me two or three things that are specific to Capital Group, it makes it seem like they didn’t do the research.” 

Pam Paulson, senior recruiter at Capital Group, echoed many of the same sentiments and encourages students to research both the company and industry they’re pursuing.  

“Do a Glassdoor search, look at reviews, and reach out to alumni connections on LinkedIn,” Paulson said. She also advises students to remain up to date on the latest industry news to give them a leg up during the interview.

If you take the time to prepare for your interview, they’ll notice.

Researching isn’t the only preparation you need to do while on the job hunt. It’s just as important to practice your interviewing techniques. Santillan recommends utilizing your university’s career centers, which typically offer mock interviews to help you find your groove in the interview process.

“There are so many job fairs and places for you to practice your interviewing techniques,” Santillan said. “I encourage you to use the tools that are available to you, especially at your university.” 

Paulson suggests keeping a journal of all the experiences that you’ve learned in the classroom and on the job. This is an easy way for you to pull relevant experiences from the top of your head during interviews.

Some examples of relevant experiences are navigating group projects via zoom, learning how to overcome obstacles on the job, and any school assignments where you utilized the skills relevant to the job you’re interviewing for. The more prepared you are before the interview, the more at ease you’ll be when answering questions. 

Last, but certainly not least, double-check your resume and cover letter.

When it comes to your resume and cover letter, there’s little room for mistakes. Take your time to review them thoroughly or it will hurt your chances of landing an interview.

Santillan recommends being very thorough when applying for each position, especially if you’re someone who uses the same cover letter for multiple jobs. One of the biggest mistakes she’s seen on cover letters is listing the wrong company on your application materials. It signifies to the hiring manager that you lack attention to detail. The second most common mistake that she has seen is misspellings on resumes. 

“Recruiters want to make sure you went over your resume with a fine-toothed comb,” Santillan said. “You’ve read it forward and backward, you’ve proofread it, and you’ve had someone else proofread it so that you avoid those types of mistakes.”

Bonus Tip

Paulson suggests giving the job hunt time because it isn’t an easy process, and can be a job in itself. 

“Interviewing is very hard,” she said. “My mom always used to say the hardest job is finding a job, so give yourself space and time. Be reflective, and if you’re rejected, think about what it is about that job that you wanted so badly.” 

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