Getting Started as a Technical Admin for LinkedIn Learning

Are you looking to get started customizing user experiences for LinkedIn Learning? Look no further. Integrate and automate—this course was designed for you. Join instructor Erica Silverman as she shows you how to integrate learning management systems (LMS) and SSO with LinkedIn Learning and the Learning Hub, as well as add new users to a LinkedIn Learning enterprise account.

Get tips and techniques for minimizing customer support tickets by leveraging the more advanced features of the platform. Learn about the main types of integrations, how they function, when and how to use which, and why, including, SAML, SSO, Azure SCIM, HTTP, AICC, LTI, xAPI, and more. As you progress, Erica offers pointers on managing resources and connecting third-party content directly to the Learning Hub. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to successfully navigate your integration options like a pro.

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