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Identity Crisis: How to Realign Your Career with Your Life

You’re experiencing a crisis in your career, business, or life, and have decided that it’s now the time to take aligned action. In this course, business and career coach Elaine Lou Cartas shares her knowledge to start realigning your career and life. Elaine begins by presenting you with journal prompts to help you examine where you stand in your career and life. If you want to change careers, Elaine walks you through steps to understand what job or industry best suits you. If you want to start a business, she shows you how to woo your first paying clients. If you are a business owner and want to transition, Elaine explains how to review your current business and create an aligned pivot plan. Finally, she highlights the importance of embracing change and evolution in your career and life. After this course, you’ll have a list of aligned actions to create a more sustainable career and life.

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