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Nail Your SQL Interview

Are you looking for a new job but terrified about having to prove your skills? Worry not. A coding interview may be intimidating, but it shouldn’t stand in the way of your growth and professional development. Even if you’re new to a language like SQL, with the right preparation and the right tools, you can turn the challenge into a learning opportunity that boosts your career. Join instructor Nichole Pulley as she shows you what it takes to nail your SQL interview.

Get an overview of SQL core concepts with practical examples using basic commands. Learn about common SQL interview questions and how to prepare for them on your own. Nichole gives you tips and industry-specific pointers on what to expect when you sit down for an interview, including how to create, seed, query, and manipulate data with logical operators and Transaction Control Language commands. Along the way, you can test out your newly acquired skills on the coding challenges at the end of each section.

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