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Tech Career Skills: Getting Promoted

It takes time to prepare well for the promotion process, and even if you’re great at building scalable and performant tools, you might still struggle to make the case for your promotion. This course can equip you with the techniques and preparations you need to ace your next promotion cycle. Instructor Nishant Bhajaria explains how promotion cycles work, including promotion ladders, competencies, levels, and more. Nishant shows you how to describe the what and the why of your work, so that a promotion committee can understand your work’s impact. He covers how to highlight that your work creates efficiency, demonstrates key competencies, and shows business benefit as well as promotion readiness. Nishant goes over ways to show that you can collaborate well and ways to demonstrate citizenship. He concludes with several specific promotion-related activities that you can take, such as creating an impact resume, cultivating references, preparing for promotion interviews, and processing promotion-related feedback.

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