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Becoming an Agile Coach

Kelley O'Connell
Agile coaches are a vital part of helping organizations transition to agile. This course teaches the key concepts behind agile…

Running Effective Design Critiques

Tom Green
Most people want and appreciate feedback and constructive criticism about their work—until they get it. If done poorly, a critique…

Asking for Feedback as an Employee

Jodi Glickman
View Jodi’s LinkedIn Newsletter Asking for feedback is integral to cultivating a growth mindset and being self-reliant—traits that managers want…

Using Feedback to Drive Performance

Effective feedback can enhance your employees’ efficiency and overall performance in the workplace. That’s why it’s important to know how…

The Coaching Habit (getAbstract Summary)

Coaching involves much more than just talking to people; it requires posing intelligent questions that inspire your employees to talk…

How to Use Rejection to Your Advantage

Macmillan Publishers
Rejection can feel like a gut punch when it happens. But what if you could take a moment to process…

Empowering BIPOC through Mentorship

Rhianna Rogers
This course aims to help BIPOC upskill in ways that empower them to move up the corporate ladder and succeed…

Coaching Yourself to Career Success

Alicia Reece
More than likely, at some point you’ve felt unhappy about your career. Maybe you felt unfulfilled, undervalued, underutilized, or disempowered.…

Virtual Performance Reviews and Feedback

Alisa Cohn
As a manager, your most important job is helping your direct reports create great results within their roles and thrive…

How to Build a Secret Circle of Mentors

Macmillan Publishers
Mentors play a crucial role in our lives. There are many different types of mentors you’ll encounter in your careers,…

Become a Better Coach for Your Team

The best leaders and managers are also incredible coaches. Coaching is all about elevating each team member to be the…

Coaching Virtually

Alisa Cohn
With the acceleration of remote and hybrid work, managers must master coaching their employees virtually. In this course, executive coach…

Leadership through Feedback

If you’re not providing timely and effective feedback, you are not being the best leader that you can be. In…

Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Lifting Others as You Climb

Living Corporate
In this audio-only course, host Zach Nunn speaks with Marty Rodgers of Accenture about the concept of lifting as you…

Coaching Yourself and Your Team from Uncertainty to Action

Joshua Miller
How do you plan for the future when the present is riddled with uncertainty? In times of uncertainty, say a…

Becoming an Inspiring Mentor

Learning from a mentor is an invaluable professional experience. Your mentor guides you, shares perspective, and serves as an important…

Adopting the Habits of Elite Performers

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
A mentor is more than just someone who tells you that you’ve done a good job. You need a mentor…

Basketball Legend Bill Walton (Thirty Minute Mentors)

Adam Mendler | Thirty Minute Mentors
One of the greatest college basketball players of all time and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, Bill…

Effective Sponsorship Across Difference (for Sponsors)

Vernā Myers
An organization’s ability to attract and keep great talent depends on its ability to cultivate diverse people on every level…

Former Fortune 250 CEO Deanna Mulligan (Thirty Minute Mentors)

Adam Mendler | Thirty Minute Mentors
Deanna Mulligan is the former CEO of Guardian Insurance. Regularly named as one of the most powerful women in business,…

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