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Learning Loom

Taught by Garrick Chow
Learn how to save time and communicate effectively with Loom, the new video messaging tool used by companies large and…

Build a Personal Learning Plan and Stick with It

Taught by Shanita Williams
As the world changes, companies and businesses respond to these changes with changes of their own, and many employees feel…

Learning Canvas

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Learning management systems have revolutionized the way educators and corporate trainers are able to provide instruction. With an online platform,…

How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools

Taught by Dave Birss
You’ve probably already heard about ChatGPT, but did you know it can make you better at your job? Join instructor…

Addressing Technical Skills Gaps

Taught by Rashim Mogha
According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025 as the adoption of technology…

Articulate Storyline 360: Advanced Elearning

Taught by David Anderson
Unlock the power of Articulate Storyline 360. Learn next-level tools and techniques for building engaging and interactive elearning. In this…

Identify and Unleash Potential in Your Employees

Taught by Madecraft
The battle for great talent is fiercer than ever before, and as a manager, you’re faced with what rightly feels…

Developing Leadership Presence

Taught by John Ullmen
Leadership presence isn’t about personality or genetics. You can learn to project strong self-confidence, clarity and credibility even under conditions…

Getting Started as a Technical Admin for LinkedIn Learning

Taught by Erica Silverman
Are you looking to get started customizing user experiences for LinkedIn Learning? Look no further. Integrate and automate—this course was…

The Future of Workplace Learning

Taught by Amanda Nolen
HR leaders know that workplace learning is the difference between people—and the companies that employ them—staying relevant or becoming redundant.…

Creating a Culture of Learning

Taught by Jason Mulero
When you deliberately engage employees through learning, they’re 48% more likely to find purpose in their work. But learning and…

Components of Effective Learning

Taught by Michael Allen
Boring training doesn’t work. And merely incorporating the latest and greatest in elearning technology isn’t enough to make concepts stick…

Foundations of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Teachers educate their students. Administrators can assign and grade work online. Users can access content and resources anytime, inside or…

Designing Scenario-Based Learning

Taught by Karl Kapp
If you’ve ever completed an online training for your current or past job, then you already know that the standard…

Coach Your Team to Learn, Stretch, and Grow

Taught by Ruth Gotian
Setting the bar high for curiosity and innovation is critical if you want your team to succeed. But how do…

Skills and the Internal Talent Marketplace

Taught by Erica Keswin
“Look inward” may sound like new-age advice for personal growth, but it’s also a great strategy for finding and hiring:…

Adobe Captivate: Advanced Actions

Taught by Anastasia McCune
Adobe Captivate offers advanced actions for adding interactivity, engagement, and customization. In this course, Captivate expert Anastasia McCune shows you…

Learning Microsoft Teams for Education

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Microsoft Teams for Education is a powerful platform that allows you to communicate, collaborate, and more with students and staff.…

Getting Started as a LinkedIn Learning Hub Admin

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
It’s never been easier to access high-quality training on a wide variety of topics, so your biggest dilemma when it…

Become a Teacher

Taught by Dr. Monica Clem
Interested in pursuing a career in education? Becoming a teacher may be a whole lot easier than you think, especially…

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