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Business Fundamentals for Customer Success Managers

Taught by PracticalCSM
It’s critical for customer success managers (CSMs) to have a solid understanding of how businesses work and how value is…

An HR Professional’s Guide to Supporting a Hybrid Workforce

Taught by Madecraft
Navigate the shift to a hybrid work model with HR expert Julie Turney. This course debunks myths, shifting mindsets to…

Applied AI for Human Resources

Taught by Kumaran Ponnambalam
A global economy and remote workforce have made it difficult for HR departments to track employee satisfaction and motivation. However,…

Customer Service and Support During Economic Downturns

Taught by David Brownlee
Financial fallouts send shock waves through your customer base. The individuals seeking out your business will likely feel uncertain, fearful,…

20 Questions to Improve Learning at Your Organization

Taught by Madecraft
There is a simple set of questions that can help you improve the learning and development of your employees. In…

Leading a Customer Service Team

Taught by Madecraft
Learn the skills and methods of top customer service leaders, and find out how you can develop a customer service…

Understanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Taught by Jim Rogers
Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is essential in many workplaces. Healthcare, construction, and manufacturing professionals use PPE regularly, but COVID-19…

Data-Driven Learning Design

Taught by Lori Niles
Work skills are starting to have increasingly shorter shelf lives. Consequently, professionals of all stripes need access to high-quality learning…

Work on Purpose

Taught by Elizabeth (McLeod) Lotardo
Purpose-driven individuals and purpose-driven organizations consistently outperform their transactional peers. Learn how to work and live better by connecting to…

Virtual Interviewing for HR

Taught by Barbara Bruno
The best candidate doesn’t necessarily live in your state or even in your country. To grow your business, you need…

Value Realization Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
A critical aspect of any customer success manager’s (CSM) role is to help customers generate measurable value from the solutions…

How Leaders Can Motivate Others by Creating Meaning

Taught by Scott Mautz
View Scott’s LinkedIn Newsletter Up to 70 percent of today’s workforce is disengaged. Perks, promotions, or pay can temporarily re-engage…

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
This course focuses exclusively on what can go wrong during even the most well-intentioned customer success engagement. It not only…

Onboarding and Adoption Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
Onboarding and adoption are two of the essential activities for new customers that CSMs are responsible for. Learn how to…

Establishing Work from Home Policies

Taught by Mike Gutman
Learn how to establish policies to help your organization successfully work from home or any other remote location. As the…

Engagement Evaluation Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
Becoming a proficient customer success manager (CSM) cannot happen overnight. Once you’ve learned the basic processes and best practices for…

Customer Success Management Fundamentals

Taught by PracticalCSM
New to customer success management (CSM)? This course can help you get up to speed with the fundamentals. This course…

Engagement Preparation Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
The secret to most professions lies in the preparatory work, and this is no less true for customer success managers…

Establishing a Well-Being Program in Your Organization

Taught by Andrea Vogel
Taking a holistic approach to well-being will ensure you have engaged and productive people at work. CIPD credentialed instructor Andrea…

Managing Misconduct in the Workplace

Taught by Andrea Vogel
Confronting misconduct in the workplace is challenging enough. Ensuring that the process for managing misconduct and disciplinary actions adheres to…

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Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. …

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