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Pivoting to Virtual Events

Taught by Taylor Estes
All good events can be used as a catalyst to achieve larger business objectives—that’s what makes them so powerful. By…

Nano Tips for Intentional Engagement Online with Richard Moore

Taught by Richard Moore
Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this course, expert…

Customer Service: Creating Customer Value

Taught by Noah Fleming
If you are a customer service manager or a sales manager, you know how important it is to identify a…

Customer Experience Leadership

Taught by Brad Cleveland
A profound shift is underway from functional-driven products, services, and support to a more comprehensive customer experience strategy. Customer experience…

Engaging Your Virtual Audience

Taught by Cassandra Worthy
Working remotely can offer a plethora of benefits, but it’s important to preserve the authenticity that’s often easier to build…

Building and Engaging with Your Online Following for Creators

Taught by CreatorUp
Successful creators manage to remain true to themselves while still delivering precisely what their audience wants from them. In this…

Creating a Positive Customer Experience

Taught by Jeannie Walters
Do you know how your customers perceive their complete experience with your company, from first encounter through purchase experience and…

Serving Customers in a Continuously Changing World

Taught by David Brownlee
Customer service today brings new challenges, new protocols, and new attitudes. As a service provider, you must be prepared with…

Making the Most of a Difficult Design Job

Taught by Justin Ahrens
For as much as you craft your design skills and sharpen your artistic instincts, when you’re on a design job,…

How to Rock a Conference

Taught by Madecraft
In order to grow your network and advance your skills, you need to attend conferences. In this course, business expert…

Providing Legendary Customer Service

Taught by Madecraft
Do you truly understand how to provide great customer service? In this audio-only course from customer service expert Elaine Harris,…

Engagement Preparation Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
The secret to most professions lies in the preparatory work, and this is no less true for customer success managers…

Marketing Virtual Events (2020)

Taught by Melodie Tao
Virtual events are powerful branding and business opportunities. By hosting an online event, you can provide your community with experiences…

Customer Service and Support During Economic Downturns

Taught by David Brownlee
Financial fallouts send shock waves through your customer base. The individuals seeking out your business will likely feel uncertain, fearful,…

Leading a Customer Service Team

Taught by Madecraft
Learn the skills and methods of top customer service leaders, and find out how you can develop a customer service…

Value Realization Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
A critical aspect of any customer success manager’s (CSM) role is to help customers generate measurable value from the solutions…

Business Fundamentals for Customer Success Managers

Taught by PracticalCSM
It’s critical for customer success managers (CSMs) to have a solid understanding of how businesses work and how value is…

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
This course focuses exclusively on what can go wrong during even the most well-intentioned customer success engagement. It not only…

Onboarding and Adoption Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
Onboarding and adoption are two of the essential activities for new customers that CSMs are responsible for. Learn how to…

Engagement Evaluation Best Practices for Customer Success Management

Taught by PracticalCSM
Becoming a proficient customer success manager (CSM) cannot happen overnight. Once you’ve learned the basic processes and best practices for…

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What Are Micro-Internships?

Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. …

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