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Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need

Taught by Grant Sabatier
Wish you had the money to quit your job and retire sooner to focus on what you really love doing?…

AI in Fintech Essential Training

Taught by Michael McDonald
Robo-advisors, cryptocurrencies, and other technological innovations have been disrupting the finance world for years, challenging old ways of working with…

How Blockchains Will Change Business

Taught by Alison McCauley
Blockchains are poised to disrupt entrenched industries and shatter conventional business models. Train your brain to see the opportunities and…

Finance Strategies for Business Leaders

Taught by Jason Schenker
Finance is an important part of any business, and even if finance does not seem like it’s part of your…

Introduction to Credit

Taught by WealthFit
Your credit score might just look like a number—but it’s a number that defines you. Your score is checked when…

Organizing with Lightroom

Taught by Richard Harrington
Looking to get your photos organized in Adobe Lightroom? This course can help. Join instructor Richard Harrington as he walks…

Economics for Business Leaders

Taught by Jason Schenker
Learn how business leaders and executives use the most important economic data and reports when making strategic decisions. In this…

Lean Accounting Foundations

Taught by Joshua Rischin
Lean practices have long helped manufacturers eliminate waste, boost inventory turnover rates, and add customer value. Now, other industries are…

The Undercover Economist: The Economics behind Everyday Decisions (Blinkist Summary)

Taught by Blinkist
Economics play a major role in shaping our everyday lives—from the lattes we buy in the morning to the traffic…

Lightroom Classic Essential Training

Taught by Theresa Jackson
Lightroom Classic is an extremely popular photo management, enhancement, and publishing program that is fully integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud.…

Managing Your Finances in a Financial Downturn

Taught by Winnie Sun
During a financial downturn or recession, even peeking at the numbers in your bank account can be stressful. But even…

Lightroom: Social Sharing

Taught by Theresa Jackson
Lightroom is the ideal platform for sharing your images with clients, colleagues, or followers on social media. You can share…

The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money

Taught by Jill Schlesinger
What’s the best way to invest your money? Should you hire a professional to manage it? How often should you…

Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence

Taught by Vicki Robin
How do you anticipate your financial needs, stay within your means, and live a life you love? Is it possible…

Creative Cloud Crash Course

Taught by Paul Trani
Have you ever wondered what all the Adobe Creative Cloud apps do? This course is for you. Explore everything the…

Lightroom: Developing Raw and DNG Files

Taught by Richard Harrington
Learn how to perfect exposure and color as well as unlock details in your raw files in Adobe Lightroom. This…

Organizing and Archiving Digital Photos

Taught by Derrick Story
As your digital photo collection grows, it becomes more important to organize and back up your work. Add in a…

Corporate Finance: Profitability in a Financial Downturn

Taught by Jason Schenker
When an organization experiences a financial downturn, it should start looking for proactive ways to improve profitability. In this course,…

Recovering from a Financial Setback

Taught by Jane Barratt
Learn how to recover from a financial setback from loss of income or loss of savings. In this course, financial…

How to Protect Business Profits in a Financial Downturn

Taught by Jason Schenker
Recessions often hit small businesses hard. Unlike large corporations, small companies, local shops, and other small organizations may not have…

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