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Supply Chain Basics For Everyone

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Supply chains have always been important. But as the the status quo continues to be challenged, supply chains—the complex systems of people, processes, and technologies that keep stores stocked with all manner of products—have been thrust into the spotlight. If you’re curious about how supply chains work and want to determine how often to shop, how much to buy, and what happens if you buy too much (or not enough), then this course is for you. Instructor Daniel Stanton spells out how supply chains function and shows how to leverage the basic principles of supply chain management to mitigate risks and manage your cash flow. Using practical examples, Daniel shows how to determine whether something is a bargain, how to think about and prepare for supply chain disruptions, and how to apply supply chain principles to your daily life. Tune in to get an insider’s perspective on the processes that help shepherd everyday items to shelves, and ultimately, your shopping cart.

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