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Getting a Seat at the Table and Making It Count

Ensuring that everyone is valued and included in the workplace is not a new goal, nor an easy one, but it’s more pressing than ever, especially if you’re a woman, BIPOC, or from any other underrepresented group. With an increasingly diverse workforce, companies need to think harder about who gets to sit at the table and why. In this course, Dr. Shirley Davis gives you the tools you need to claim your seat at the table, keep it, and make it count.

Explore steps and strategies, both personally and professionally, that you can put into practice. Find out why companies need greater equity and a more diverse talent pool, and how it can have a direct impact on meeting company goals and fostering a culture of inclusion and high performance. Learn about common barriers to getting a seat at the table, how to prepare for your role, and how to make it last, building a personal board of advisors, champions, and mentors who can share in and celebrate your success.

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