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Learning ArcGIS Python Scripting

Have you ever needed to find all the broken links in a set of map documents? Or convert units before loading map data? Python is the gateway for automating common GIS tasks. Are you ready to get up to speed? In this course, designed for experienced ArcGIS users, join instructor Jennifer Harrison—the founder of TeachMeGIS—as she shows you how to produce faster, deeper insights into your GIS data by adding Python scripting to ArcGIS.

Start with an overview of the basics, including strings, variables, and conditional statements. Jennifer helps you get comfortable writing scripts in IDLE, the integrated development environment for Python. Explore the skills required for writing output to the screen, passing command-line arguments into scripts, using list functions to get to the ArcGIS objects, and reading from and writing to a log file. By the end of this course, you’ll also be prepared to attach your script to a tool in ArcGIS Pro and create help documentation for a script tool.

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